Well, turns out the Alien and the U.S. Military Already Lama Interact?

Well, turns out the Alien and the U.S. Military Already Lama Interact?:
The existence of aliens is often called aliens have always kept a mystery. However, recently, a U.S. nuclear physicist, Charles Hall revealed the figure of aliens involved in military cooperation with the United States over the years.

In his tour of Australia, Hall reveals details of the experience that happened a few decades ago.


In 1964, Hall told me, when he was a weather observer at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada, USA, Hall witnessed the mysterious interaction.

"I watched the interaction between the military and the mysterious tall, white, like humans beyond Earth," says Hall is a former Vietnam War veteran in his home, Albuquerque, as reported by The Age, Monday, March 18, 2013.

Hall continued, the plane carrying the alien is able to accelerate quickly, faster than the speed of light.

Since the incident, the use of cameras is not permitted at these locations, the location where the interaction aliens and the U.S. military. In fact, the site has been mysteriously removed from the map.

When Hall arrived at the site, a colleague wanted to lock the alien is the weather station so they would not go to another building.

Hall also said at that time there were five aliens, two of the three remaining men and women. Surprisingly, these aliens went to the bathroom.

"When you encounter the figure of 'high white', such as shock, you do not believe what you see. Ghosts or angels, or are dreaming,'' said Hall.

Previously, Hall admitted that he had met with three types of aliens. That alien with being 'white' high about 2.5 meters, gray alien with yellow or orange color, and numbered 24 aliens with teeth like Norway. They also noted English.

The existence of aliens is associated with the transfer of technology to the U.S. military.

Initially, Hall wrote that experience in a book of fiction to disguise the identity of these aliens. However, what he wrote is the truth.

Hall admitted to not being ridiculous. He said U.S. officials have made it all silent since this information will cause a commotion, people were not ready emotionally accept the alien life form.

Meanwhile, Mariana Flynn, president of the UFO Research Centre NSW believes Hall has met with aliens. "But, this topic can provoke a group of people, especially those in charge of the aliens," he said.


Well, turns out the Alien and the U.S. Military Already Lama Interact?