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Legend of Li Ching Yuen, 256 Year-Old Man

Legend of Li Ching Yuen, 256 Year-Old Man

In May 1933, the magazine of The New York Times and Time reported the death of an old man from China named Li Ching Yuen. The only real debate is old. Li Ching Yuen admitted that he was born in 1736. Thus, it means he's 197 years old on the day of his death.

Some Chinese scientists are curious began work to investigate the truth.Professor Wu Chung Chien of university Minkuo find data that proves that age is not a 197 Li as my own li Wu Chung Chien find a record of the Chinese empire congratulate Li Ching Yun for the birthday-150 years in 1827 . When in 1827 he repeated 150th, then it means royal records indicate that Li was born in 1677 and when he died in 1933, he was 256 years old. He has lived through nine emperors in the Qing dynasty for 256 years. He became the oldest living man ever recorded in the history of modern. Although the truth is still a big question mark and doubted by many researchers - especially by critics of the western world. We do not know for sure the truth of his story that mixes with legends, rumors and tales that. The only fact is that he was a real person and live a healthy life until very old age, much older than others. history of Master Li Ching Yuen Li (Li Ching Yun) was born in Chi Jian Hsien, mountainous province of Szechuan, China . Since the age of 10 years, he has traveled to Kansu, Shansi, Tibet, Annam, Siam and Manchuria to collect medicinal plants.

He spent his first seven decades surround China to collect and sell herbal medicines. Along the way, he also mastered martial arts, chi kung, and experts herbs, including ginseng, Asiatic pennywort, and Chinese wolfberry. During his life, Li is known as an herbalist and kung fu expert. ethics seventy-one years old, moved to Kai Li Hsien, worked as a military strategist and teacher of martial arts to the Chinese Army for 170 years. In 1927, General Yang Sen invited Li to stay with him so that he could learn the secrets of aging Li which could hinder her age. A year later, Li returned to his home to live with his wife the 24th.Some sources say that Li was buried 23 wife and at the time of his death he lived with his wife to 24. From the 24th of his wife, Li has children and grandchildren up to 11 generations and numbered about 200 people. Although he was already 200 years, but in the eyes of the people he looked like someone in their 60s. Ahead of his death in 1933, Li said to a friend, "I have completed all the things to be done in this world, now I going home. " And right, Li Ching Yun died shortly afterwards on May 6, 1933.

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Source: kgb-Gahara. wikipedia.

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