Friday, February 28, 2014

3 Black Sand Beach Exotic

3 Black Sand Beach Exotic

1 . Punaluu , Hawaii

Punaluu is a beach located on the Big Island , Hawaii . This beach is famous for its sand colored black, which was created by lava flowing from a volcano into the sea and then subjected to cooling . Interestingly , visitors are not allowed to bring home the beach sand , because it is considered illegal .

2 . Waianapanapa , Maui

Waianapanapa Beach is a black sand beach formed by waves crashing against volcanic rock over tens of years. At this beach , you can find some wonderful sites that are worth to visit . You can also view and into sea caves and bridges made ​​of natural rock . In the winter , the waves became very high , so swimming , surfing , diving and all the activities on the beach would be very dangerous . When the surf is calm , you can play kayaking , swimming , and diving .

3 . Lost Coast , California

Lost Coast is a beach located in California and stretches about 80 miles. Although you can actually swim in this beach , most people do not do it . Why ? Because according to them , this is not an interesting beach to visit , unless you want to hike along the beach and stopped to take pictures and such .

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