3 Exotic Animals Albino

Albino , a condition that causes a living thing to be different than usual because of the occurrence of a gene from both parents resesive .

Almost all types of animals may be born in the albino condition , even though invertebrate creatures like crabs or fish . Here is 3 albino animals are quite remarkable :

1 . albino Gorilla

As the only albino gorilla who was rescued , Snowflake has a lot fascinated zoo visitors for nearly 40 years , before it finally died of skin cancer at the end of 2003 .

Most gorillas can only survive for 25 years , so that Snowflake has managed to break the record .

During his life , Snowflake 've done 22 times conception , but none tangible albino offspring . Some people say that , sometimes it resembles Snowflake humans rather than animals .

2 . albino Alligator

There are only a few can even count fingers the number of alligator / crocodile white in the world . But not everything is completely pure as albino . The picture above is Bouya Blan , 22 year old albino crocodiles living in Florida . The albino animals have very little pigmentation , even his eyes was almost colorless .

Next is White Diamond , who was born in Louisiana but raised in Germany 's Serengeti Safari Park . The 15 -year -old crocodile is a variant of an albino alligator Mississppiensis the only one in Europe .

3 . albino Snake

Snakes can show some variation of the pattern abino , and they will be patterned skin like white snow . As a predator who moves silently , albino snake has a disadvantage in the world of wild animals due to his skin color is bright and they usually can not survive much longer .
Two-headed albino snake , it is very unfortunate , but it would be very unusual if it can survive for a long time . The owner admitted that the greatest difficulty he faced was because the two are often mutually peg head with each other ! So worry not going to survive much longer .

3 Exotic Animals Albino