The beauty of the islands Exotic Unique Shaped

The beauty of the islands Exotic Unique Shaped

Nature created is so unique , so do the millions island on Earth . Some of them have a very unique shape and make curious travelers that invites curiosity to come there just to take pictures and setting foot into the unique island .

Following the world 's most unique island shaped dolphins , hearts , boomerang -shaped island until sperm are some examples of uniquely shaped island . Environmental Graffiti reported from the island which is said to have the meaning of each of the unique shape .

1 . Boomerang Island
The world 's most unique island shaped Aboriginal traditional weapons , Australia , is a boomerang . Boomerang island in the South China Sea . The island is part of the Spratly Islands

2 . Island tree
This tree -shaped island in the Isles of Scilly , off the coast of Cornwall , southern England . Seen from the sky , its shape is similar to a tree . There are sticks, twigs , leaves and even the bottom of the tree as there are forms of soil .

3 . sperm Island
The island is shaped like a sperm , it is a very unique island . This picture was taken from a plane in flight over the sea between Japan and Europe . This is clear from the appearance of the island is only a sand and soil . But from the sky , the island looks like a sperm cell swimming in the vast blue ocean .

4 . liver Island
This is a very unique island romantic . Off the coast of Croatia there Galesnjak island in the Adriatic Sea . But people call Beloved Island . It is because of this heart-shaped island , a symbol of love .

The island is privately owned , filled with plants and trees . Turanj island near the city became the world's attention in 2009 when it published a Google Earth satellite photo of this heart-shaped island .

5 . Island stingray

In Denmark , there Aebelo island in the Kattegat Sea . It is on the north side of the island of Funen , Denmark 's third largest island . When viewed from the sky , shaped like a stingray . In fact, there are parts of the island are sandy and Formatting a long line , as if it was part of his tail .

The beauty of the islands Exotic Unique Shaped