A Story of Down Syndrome is Inspiring

Johnny 's age of approximately 20 years , working as a packaging of goods in addition to a cashier at a large retail store sales were sluggish . That makes Johnny look different from other employees , people with Down syndrome it .

One time he heard a motivational lectures in radio marketing expert , Barbara Glanz . " Think about something that you can give to customers and make them feel special so that they are compelled to come again , " said Barbara .

Somehow , Johnny was interested in the lecture . He wanted to give something special to its customers , but what ? He had called Barbara and told interested in his talk , but he could not make it happen because he 's just a down syndrome .

Until one day came out an idea to make a note of Daily Devotions - Thought for the Day , which contains a simple motivational phrase yet touched that he wanted to share with customers .

Johnny asked his father for help typing on the computer and print it into the coffee . Every little piece of the daily contemplation of the results he named himself behind and greeting , " Thank You for Shopping at Our Place " . Printouts that he brought to the work place .

Johnny the action began. After each pack , Johnny insert a Thought for the Day for each of its customers who pay at the counter where he served .

A month later his manager look odd. The line of customers at the cash register where Johnny charge three times the length of the other cashiers . Typically retail stores , there are always some counter.

The manager also asked the customer is that it is next to it in order to fill the ranks faster underserved . Interestingly , they instead took the advice , they even say in unison , " That's okay , we were willing to queue , which is important to ' Thought for the Day ' from Johnny , " he said .

Which makes the manager touched , many customers who claim , they usually come shopping there once a week . But that gets Thought for the Day every day , so every day shopping . Not to mention those who recommend their friends to shop there in order to get Thought of the Day from Johnny as well .

Retail outlets and even then so crowded . Even the marketing division of the original flower almost bankrupt could come back to life because the bright idea that Johnny is a down syndrome .

A Story of Down Syndrome is Inspiring