4 Eco-Futuristic Motorcycle Models

4 Eco-Futuristic Motorcycle Models 

Future motorcycle does not always have to have a futuristic design, and more technologically advanced. Instead of motorcycles in the future should have a simple form and appropriate.

Earth is aging with the fragile nature of human industrial pollution, it takes an environmentally friendly motorcycle. Here's a summary of 5 eco-futuristic motorcycle models:
1. Ryno

With a single wheel motorcycle uses electrical energy to drive the engine. Control techniques and drive it done geometrically, while the speed and brake set using the accelerometer and gyros.

Motorcycle that has a futuristic design was launched commercially in 2013, with price USD 4,500 or approximately USD 51 million. Ryno has a maximum speed of 32 km / h, capacity lithium battery that is enough to drive up to a distance of 32 kilometers.

2. BRP Can-Am Spyder RS-S

Sophisticated and futuristic motorcycles that enter into the category of tricycle, made ​​by a company snowmobile, Ski-Doo. BRP Can-Am has a pair of wheels at the front, the overall design resembles a snow vehicle.

However, Can-Am launched to explore the streets of asphalt and soil. BRP Can-Am Racing Fox suspension has particularly suitable for ABS braking system.

For the comfort and balance, BRP Can-Am equipped with power steering and a computerized control system. Air-cc big enough, 998 C with a V-Twin Rotax engine-powered 106 PK.

3. Uno Cycle

Uno Cycle Ben Gulak is a dream come true. When the 16-year-old, Ben visited China at that time suffered smoke haze. He dreams of making environmentally friendly motorcycles.

To realize the ideals of high school since Ben has designed a motorcycle that version. New in 2008, when following the International Science Fair, Ben introduced the Uno Cycle.

Unlike the single wheel bike, Uno has two wheels mounted side by side. Uno then exhibited also in Toronto Spring Motorcycle Show 2008.

4. Peraves Monotracer MTE-150

Swiss nation is not only good at treating chocolate and other snacks, it turns out they also have a high passion in the automotive field. Evidenced by the presence of MonoTracer, motorcycle manufactured by Peraves. Swiss motorcycle company, the first time issued a cabin motorcycle in 1982 with the name Ecomobile.

Followed by MonoTracer inaugural edition in 2007, and finally in the same year lehir next generation more environmentally rama. MonoTracer uses electrical energy, has a 4-cylinder adaptation of BMW motorcycles, with a constant speed of 88 km / h.

Motorcycle cursory looks like this car, has a body made ​​from carbon fiber and kevlar monocoque, making it lighter and aerodynamic.

4 Eco-Futuristic Motorcycle Models